Meet the man who was a shoo-in for “The Daily Show” until Comedy Central changed their mind

On Thursday evening, TV personality Mike Rowe answered a bit of fan mail and revealed a huge part of his persona on his Facebook page.

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Rowe was inspired by a fan’s question about rejection to share his own tale of woe, and surprised many in the process.

According to Rowe, he was one of two finalists to become host of “The Daily Show” before it was ultimately awarded to Craig Kilborn in the early 1990s.

After Kilborn departed and Comedy Central went searching for a new host, they again went searching for Rowe.

“This time, I wasn’t going to let it get away. I did the very best job I could, and all modesty aside, I killed it. Afterwards, I was told by the producers and writers that I was about to become the new host of ‘The Daily Show’,” Rowe recalled.

“We all know which way the mop flopped, and I was once again devastated.”

In spite of that rejection, things turned out pretty well for Rowe, and he imparted some final wisdom to his fans.

“I don’t believe that ‘everything happens for a reason’. I think we make our own luck, and the only real failure is the failure to try.”

Rowe said.

“Since you asked, I suggest using the rejection in your own life to propel you to whatever’s next. Do that, and it’s entirely possible you’ll look back in seventeen years and thank your lucky stars for the many failures that got you there.”

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