You’ll be surprised what technology is helping this disabled pup learn to walk

Does Tumbles need a new name?

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The puppy born without front legs just got a new set of wheels. ABC News reports the Ohio rescue just got the 3D printed wheelchair from the Ohio University Innovation Center. Karen Pilcher, rescue coordinator for Friends of the Shelter Dogs and Tumbles’ foster mom, said he was the runt of his litter of three.

“He was getting pushed out by the others” while trying to nurse. Pilcher said. “We thought he wouldn’t make it.”

As seen in this video, getting him to take to the wheelchair took some doing, and Tumbles took some important play breaks, but eventually, he gets strapped in and on his way.

“Everyone is real enthusiastic,” said innovation center lab director Joe Jollick. “Our main goal [was] to get him off the ground. The second thing is to get him used to it.”

The wheelchair took 14 hours to print once Jollick got the design. He was happy to help, in part because it got the word out about the 3D printer.

“This is just letting people know that it can be used for just about anything,” Jollick said.

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