When you find out who this teen would grow up to be your jaw will be on the floor

Many may know Amber Rose from her many years modeling and her high profile relationships with Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. This week, Rose delighted her Instagram followers by posting a photo of what she looked like years before her brush with fame.

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Instead of her trademark shaved head and glamorous clothes, Rose looked like any other prepubsecent kid, with gaps in her teeth and big glasses.

#TBT Don’t laugh either ? ???,” Rose wrote.

“Hey kids if u feel like a ugly duckling don’t fret just look at this picture of me as a kid and know there’s hope for all of us Lol ? #DemLasersDoe #ButDemTeefGrewInNice?:”


Decades later, Rose would grow up to look like this.


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