Always the consummate showman, Eric Church delivers a marathon of music in tour opener

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Videos by Rare

There comes a point in many careers where one is done with being told how to do their job.

They just go out and do it.

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And that’s exactly what Eric Church did as he kicked off his Holdin’ My Own Tour on Jan. 13 in Lincoln Nebraska. With no opening acts to take a little of the weight off of him, Eric is making his own rules, playing the entire two-set show all by himself.

And he sounds like he loves it.

“Here’s the thing: We’re gonna play everything,” he told the adoring crowd before tearing into a set list of 37 songs over a span of three hours. “I don’t care how long the show may be, I still want you to give it to me the whole time. At the end of the night, either you’re gonna drop or I’m gonna drop.”

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And despite this musical marathon, Eric showed no signs of slowing down, performing rousing renditions of songs such as “Drink In My Hand,” “Over When It’s Over,” “That Was a Cold One” and “Talladega.”

“You guys have a good time?” he said toward the end of the night. “I’ve dreamed my whole life about a tour where we could come out and play as long as we want and everyone knew every song. For that, I thank you, Lincoln. It’s been a helluva night.”

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