Red-hot Brantley Gilbert shows off his even hotter wife in new video

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

As of late, a number of country wives have found their way into the spotlight – and for good reason. Not only are nearly all of them wonderful and talented people, but most of them are also downright hot, including a certain Mrs. Brantley Gilbert.

Amber makes her way into her hubby’s brand-new music video for his latest song, “The Weekend,” which Brantley says is a great indication of the new music that is still to come from him.

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“We’re getting ready for the next phase,” Brantley says in a recent press release. “There’s new music coming, in a very different way than people expect from us. But one thing we’re not gonna lose is the real life – and some of the real fun you can have – in this music. That’s what I love about this clip: it’s a lot of pieces of who I am.”

The video includes shots of everything from Brantley performing onstage to getting phone calls from from his wife at home to his good ole mechanic skills… or lack there of.

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“I’m not a great mechanic… and I do love that old Cougar and my wife,” Brantley continues. “To mix it all up like this, and kinda make it about what every guy wants and get frustrated about? Well, that’s pretty much here.”

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