This new country duo’s harmonies are downright unbelievable

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Upon first listen to new country duo Muscadine Bloodline, you might think these two cuties from Alabama were related since their two voices truly sound like one.

We mean, they have to be brothers or cousins, right?

“We get asked that all the time,” Muscadine Bloodline’s Gary Stanton tells Rare Country. “But no – we only started working together in early 2015. Both of us grew up singing harmony and right from the start, we just found that we had a cool and distinct sound when we put our voices together.”

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It’s this cool and distinct sound that is getting the duo a load of attention from Nashville. Their very first EP, which includes the clever and charismatic new single “WD-40,” is released on Jan. 20.

“The country genre can get very formula-based and really straight down the middle,” says Gary, who co-wrote “WD-40” with fellow duo member Charlie Muncaster, who has long looked up to legendary country duos such as Brooks & Dunn. “We simply want to take that relatable sound and take it in its next direction.”

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Once listeners take in the duo’s sound, their next question might just be – what the heck is a Muscadine Bloodline.

“A muscadine is a grape that grows in the southern areas of the United States,” laughs Charlie. “And putting that word with ‘bloodline’ just seemed cool to us.”

Credit: Creative Nation Music

Rare Country can now exclusively share both the cover to the EP, along with the impressive track list with writing credits.

“CB Radio” (Gary Stanton/Charlie Muncaster/Ray Fulcher)

“WD-40” (Gary Stanton/Charlie Muncaster/Erin Enderlin/Alex Kline)

“Depending On The Night” (Gary Stanton/Charlie Muncaster/James McNair)

“Crickets and Cane Poles” (Gary Stanton/Charlie Muncaster/Ray Fulcher)

“Ginny” (Gary Stanton/Charlie Muncaster)

The duo’s new EP is now available for pre-order here.

“All of this has been very surreal,” concludes Charlie. “For two guys who have sang all of our lives and to see our career igniting so quickly, it’s just very cool.”

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