A Denny’s manager is in hot water with a customer after writing this message on her mother’s receipt

Denny's restaurant customers enjoy a free Grand Slam breakfast in Hialeah, Fla., Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2010. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

A┬áDenny’s restaurant manager at a location in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota angered one of his┬ácustomers Monday by writing a message on a receipt that appeared to her to be mocking someone ill and disabled, namely her mother.

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Bob Quigley has been working with Denny’s long enough that he can’t be fired, Opposing Views wrote. He reportedly wrote the words “Add $15 for Life Alert button” at the bottom of the receipt of a woman who had “had a few surgeries recently on her esophagus. She has trouble eating, swallowing and even keeping things down.”

Sara Saba posted a picture of this receipt on Facebook and a message about the incident.

Via Opposing Views:

As you all know my mom has had a few surgeries recently on her esophogus. She has trouble eating, swallowing and even keeping things down. She chokes when she eats and eating any meal is a process to her. To have a little normalcy in her day, she went to Denny’s in Brooklyn Park, to try to eat on Monday afternoon. This is what the Manager, yes the Manager wrote on her bill! ‘Add $15 for Life Alert Button” I cannot begin to describe the disgust and the rage I am feeling. I’m so very sorry mom!!

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The owner of that Denny’s said Quigley would receive “write-up” and retraining, and offered the family a free meal and full refund.

Quigley called the woman to apologize and the owner followed up with her sister, Caroline Speikers, to say that the manager was actually joking with the 60-year-old waitress who was serving the family.

Speikers wasn’t buying the excuse.

“Either he’s mocking someone who is ill and disabled, or he’s totally comfortable discriminating against someone’s age,” she told the Daily Meal. “He has a sick and twisted sense of humor, and should not be allowed around customers.”

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