Mr. T Explains The Surprising Motivation Behind “I Pity The Fool”

Mr. T has been in a lot of movies, but his best-known role (besides “A-Team” obviously, folks) might just be Clubber Lang from “Rocky III.” In the film, the actor plays a street-tough boxer who wants a shot at the title.

And, as Lang, he coined an iconic phrase–“I pity the fool.”

Admit it… you thought it was from A-Team. It wasn’t.

Mr. T (whose real name is Laurence Tureaud) previously appeared on “Conan” and discussed his most famous catchphrase. He told (or more accurately bellowed at) the host that “I didn’t start this pity stuff, it was in the Bible. You can find ‘pity’ in the Bible so many times, and you can find ‘fool’ so many times, so I put them together.”

The actor also admitted that he’s trademarked the quote and said that if somebody uses the phrase “my people gonna be all over them…that’s part of Mr. T’s retirement fund.”

Though he looks intimidating, Mr. T is actually a dedicated and lifelong Christian.

In an interview with Beliefnet, he said that he says the same prayer every morning and considered his role in “Rocky III” a blessing that God had bestowed upon him after he gave his pastor a significant amount of money to feed and clothe the poor.

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