One-year-old tests positive for meth and the parents got what was coming to them

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Videos by Rare

Over the weekend, two parents in East Texas were charged with endangering a child, felony criminal mischief and misdemeanor criminal mischief after a CPS investigator visited their house, located in the 600 block of Pine Street in Huntington.

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Andrew Dorsey. Source: Angelina County Jail.

The investigator showed up there after being tipped off about drug use there. The baby’s mother, Meshell Dye, was staying at the house with a friend, according to KTRE. The investigator told Dye that she needed to leave that house and stay in a better environment, with the child’s grandparents.

The investigator’s advice didn’t seem to help. Both Dye and her baby failed drugs tests on two separate occasions. On April 25th and May 31st, the baby tested positive, and Dye showed both meth and pot in her system. The baby’s father, Andrew Dorsey, also tested positive for meth, marijuana and amphetamines, according to the Chronicle.

Meshell Dye. Source: Angelina County Jail.

The parents were reported by the CPS investigator to the Huntington Police Department on June 16th. Their son is now staying with his grandparents, and is reportedly doing fine. Both parents are being held in county jail on bail. Dye’s is set at $2,500 bail, while Dorsey’s is $5,000.

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