A California woman fired off a round of bullets at her son-in-law, and now, she’s celebrating his death

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After shooting and killing her son-in-law Geoward Eustaquio, California woman Cynthia Cdebaca showed no remorse, even celebrating his death. In a footage played during her trial Thursday, she admits to the murder, says she would do it again and appears to applaud herself.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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According to Cdebaca, Eustaquio refused to let her attend his daughter’s spelling bee because he didn’t like her outfit, calling it “ghetto.” She told police that their argument was the final straw and that she proceeded to whip out her gun.

“I shot him 10 times then he went inside the house and locked the door,” said Cdebaca, adding that she then continued shooting at him through the door. Finally, she entered the home and fired off the remaining bullets until the gun was empty.

“Did you check on him after you shot him?” detectives asked.

“I didn’t care,” answered Cdebaca. “I would do it again.”

At one point in the video, she alleges that Eustaquio abused his family, saying, “So mean to me, to all of them. They were afraid of him, yes. So mean to my daughter. I told her 13 years ago, he’s evil.”

Then towards the end, Cdebaca claps, throws her hands in the air, and shouts, “Oh good, good, good, good, good. Oh thank you, thank you.”

After the killing, she reportedly ate breakfast at Denny’s, gambled at a casino, and visited a coffee shop.

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