A boxer’s uncle reacted to a cheap shot with one of his own, and it was a direct hit Twitter/@James_Dart

There’s no excuse for this.

A fight between two boxers was marred after a corner man went into the ring and video shows him punching one of the combatants — and now, reports say police are involved.

Let’s set the stage.

Andre Dirrell and Jose Uzcategui were battling for the interim IBF 168-pound title fight Saturday when Uzcategui was disqualified for knocking Dirrell out after the bell in the eighth-round. Here’s what happened:

Clearly, that’s a DQ. Afterwards, in a display of sportsmanship, both fighters embraced.

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But then things went off the rails. A man identified as Leon Lawson entered the ring and a video shows him throwing a punch that lands squarely on Uzcategui’s jaw. You can also hear the announcers’ shock:

The reaction was immediate and harsh.

Afterward, Dirrell apologized:

ESPN then reported that police are looking for Lawson, but don’t know where he was.


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