Completely ridiculous video shows a Longhorn riding shotgun and giving a whole new meaning to “steering” Youtube/Guy Fawkes
Youtube/Guy Fawkes

A short video posted to YouTube and Liveleak brings new meaning to the word “steering.”

In the clip, some friends are riding together and apparently staking out a car they know to be coming. Someone remarks that their car is turning and gives notice to “snap a photo or something.”

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Then we learn why and suddenly, waiting for this car to pass makes so much sense.

A converted Ford Crown Victoria rounds the corner, once a police car, now a farm vehicle. And it’s got a full-sized longhorn steer riding shotgun.

YouTube/Guy Fawkes

The owner neatly cut the windshield and roof in half, welding a gate and hinges to the car to keep the steer in place. Nothing to keep it from relieving itself on the car, though.

License plates appear to show that this happened in West Virginia.

The best part? A uniformed police officer across the road doesn’t bat an eye at this.

YouTube/Guy Fawkes
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