Idiotic red light runner gets an instant serving of justice at an infamous bridge

There’s an infamous rail bridge in Durham, North Carolina that the locals know about: the 11 foot 8 bridge. It’s named for the height of the thing — 11 feet 8 inches — which is pretty short by modern standards.

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It’s not so short that it’s obvious, though, and drivers of trucks, buses, RVs, and all kinds of oversize vehicle have met their fates there. It’s all documented on Jürgen Henn’s site, a site dedicated entirely to the guillotine that is this otherwise innocent-looking railroad bridge.

This time, it serves up a heaping helping of justice to a red-light runner in a rental truck. It’s not even close — the driver just isn’t stopping for that light, even though opposing traffic has a green light by the time they cross.

The driver ignores the light (and the numerous warnings about the low bridge) and plows through. Just on the other side is justice.

Like a can opener, the I-beam that protects the bridge takes the brunt of the impact and peels back the roof of the truck like a tin can. Good luck explaining that to your boss.

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