This 92-year-old gymnast tearing up the floor proves that the silver years are the best years LiveLeak/newsflare

Johanna Quaas is not your ordinary gymnast — the 92-year-old has been competing in the sport for over 80 years, and she’s continuously proved, with impressive routines, that age is just a number. And Quass, who is a German-local, is no small-time gymnast. In April, she competed in Singapore, and on June 6, she competed at an event in Berlin. A clip of her routine at the Berlin competition has been making the rounds on the internet by impressed viewers.

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In May, the Straits Times did a profile on Quass in which she said, “I do gymnastics to avoid being susceptible to falls and that is a good preventive tool. […] I don’t take any pills now and have no illnesses. The only time I have a slight cold is when I am in Singapore, as the air-conditioning is so strong.”

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In one competition, when she was 84 years old, there were no other women in her age group, and so the organizers put her in the 70-75 age group — Quass still won. The elderly German has no plans to stop gymnastics, saying, “My face is old, but my heart is young. Maybe the day I stop doing gymnastics is the day I die.”

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