Check out the sign snafu that earned this Georgia school a spot on Good Morning America

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PAUDLING COUNTY, Georgia — It wasn’t the way East Paulding Middle School wanted to kick off the new school year. A fat “F” in grammar.

“We are glad you are hear,” the sign greeting students on the first day read.

Oops. Those pesky homophones really can be tricky. Who hasn’t confused “hear” and “here” or “there” and “their” while in a rush? It happens.

And when the school realized the mistake, the sign was quickly corrected, probably before second period even started.

But by then, pictures had been snapped of the sign and shared on social media. Over and over.

Yahoo! picked up the story during the week, sending the sign error across the country.

“Obviously we weren’t happy with it, but we know it was an innocent mistake that, in a rush, could happen to anyone,” a school district spokeswoman told the news site.

Then Friday, the sign again was shared nationally on “Good Morning America.”

The school system said the sign is a reminder that we’re all human and make mistakes, and proofreading is key.

Lesson learned.

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