Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Neil Ross found nothing funny about a career con man who dressed up like an Army soldier and stole a BMW.

The judge jumped all over Jeremy Wilson for pretending to be a soldier, the New York Daily News reports, calling him “the antithesis of these selfless individuals who put their lives on the line for others.” Judge Ross offered no sympathy or leniency, sentencing Wilson, 43, to the maximum sentence, seven to 14 years in prison.

Wilson seemed to expect the worst, saying he didn’t “know how to fix this” and that he wasn’t even going to ask for sympathy. The judge went on to call him “abhorrent and despicable” for making up such a “horrific lie.”

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Wilson told the judge, “Quite frankly, whatever you’re going to give to me I deserve.”

According to the New York Daily News, the con man’s various schemes included pretending he was a Massachusetts Institute of Technology student. He used fake identification to get a luxury Financial District apartment and leased a 2016 BMW X3 with forged documents and checks.

New York police caught Wilson in 2015, soon after he got out of prison for a similar routine.

Wilson will again get out of jail, and his lawyer said he has the ability to reform himself.

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“He needs to learn to make better decisions and he’s made some real doozies over the past 20 years,” attorney Robert Briere told the Daily News.

But prosecutor Diego Diaz wasn’t willing to go there, saying Wilson had basically devoted his entire adult life to committing fraud.

According to the Daily News, Wilson still faces charges in Massachusetts related to the same scam, which began in Boston before he drove to New York City in the stolen BMW.

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