Watch Common Core take 56 seconds to solve 9+6

There’s been widespread outrage against the new federal education standards known as the Common Core, especially in the state of New York. Now Buffalo’s WGRZ is trying to help out by airing instructional videos showing students how to solve basic math problems using the Common Core methods.

Videos by Rare

Traditionally students have solved those problems by memorizing the answers. Not so under Common Core.

In one video a local teacher explains how to solve 9+6.

“Our young learners might not be altogether comfortable thinking about what 9 plus 6 is. They are quite comfortable thinking about their friend 10,” she says.

“So if we can partner 9 to a number and anchor 10, we can help our students see what 9 plus 6 is. So we’re going to decompose our 6, and we know 6 is made up of parts. One of its parts is a 1 and the other part is a 5. We’re now going to anchor our 9 to a 1, allowing our students to anchor to that 10,” she adds.

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