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Anybody want to head to East Palestine, Ohio and hunt down a psychopath? Maybe give him ten minutes in a closed room with the biggest, meanest guy in our hunting party after we feed him a fifth of whiskey while he watches slideshows of the dog this piece of trash murdered? Sounds like a plan!

Or the police can just catch the monster who committed this heinous crime and throw him in jail forever. That works too.

On January 3rd of this year, Barbara Greaves reported her female beagle named Trouble missing. The dog had been outside, tethered to a cable run for about an hour until her disappearance around 9 p.m. Two days later Barbara’s son Scott found the dog’s severed head in their lawn.

The Greaves and the East Palestine Police Department have absolutely zero leads. No one has been arrested. The family and the authorities have absolutely no idea who did this to their sweet, innocent dog.

Because whoever did this to Trouble deserves to be caught and then thrown feet first into a woodchipper (my words) the East Palestine community has created a Facebook page called “Justice for Trouble” to help find any information on who might have committed this insane, psychotic crime. There is also $10,000 worth of reward money on the line. The Columbiana County Humane Society is offering $8,000 for information that could lead to the murder’s arrest and conviction. The Mahoning County Crime Stoppers group, meanwhile, is offering $2,000 for information on the murder.

If you have ANY information about what happened to this poor dog and the Greaves family absolutely hit up the East Palestine Police Department, the Justice for Trouble Facebook group, the Columbiana County Humane Society, or the Mahoning County Crime Stoppers.

Also go hug your dogs.

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