Britt McHenry was swept up in ESPN’s massive layoffs in April, and now she’s telling the world why the Worldwide Leader really let her go: politics. Apparently she thinks she’s too conservative for the sports network.

ESPN has been taking plenty of flak recently for a perception that it has become too liberal-leaning with its content. McHenry made her feelings known in a tweet Monday but apparently felt it best to delete her remarks. Of course, deleting never means anything really vanished. The Big Lead caught a screengrab of McHenry’s tweet, which came in response to a sports personality at a rival network mocking ESPN for rehiring noted conservative Hank Williams Jr. to sing the “Monday Night Football” opening song.

Twitter screenshot/The Big Lead

“I mean I’ve been openly Conservative… look how that ended up…” McHenry wrote in the tweet. She was one of about 100 employees ESPN let go in April, including big-name reporters such as Major League Baseball stalwart Jayson Stark and NFL reporter Ed Werder.

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In 2015, McHenry brought negative attention upon herself when she was caught on camera verbally attacked a towing company employee. ESPN suspended her for one week.

But McHenry isn’t the only one to have mentioned the significance of politics to ESPN’s programming. There’s been plenty of debate about where the network is headed, and even longtime “SportsCenter” anchor Linda Cohn acknowledged on a radio program that ESPN’s politics could be hurting its viewership.

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Around the time that ESPN announced the rehiring of Williams Jr., it issued a press release trumpeting the results of an ESPN-commissioned study that determined that the network was “getting it right” with its mix of sports and political content.

Meanwhile, McHenry chose a path of revealing her political leanings by posting a photo on Instagram of her with House Speaker Paul Ryan at GOP event, which she later deleted. She also “liked” another reporter’s tweet that mocked Colin Kaepernick, the unemployed quarterback who some believe is being blackballed by NFL owners for his public protests last season, when he chose to kneel during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Now the question is: where will the 31-year-old McHenry land next?

Laid-off ESPN reporter Britt McHenry alleges she was let go due to her politics, not her reporting AP Photo/Alex Brandon