Mom Charged With DUI After Leaving Baby Alone to Go Drink

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

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Videos by Rare

An Arizona mother was arrested after leaving her baby home alone so she could go out drinking. Yes, and not surprisingly, she is also facing child abuse charges.

Clare Margaret Meacham, 23, of Mesa was arrested on DUI charges after police were contacted about an erratic driver. Turns out, the single mother left her 5-month-old baby at home. Meacham revealed as much when she was being taken into custody, explaining that the only other person in her house was her own mother.

Police officers then drove to the house and heard a child crying inside, per 13 Action News. Once inside, police retrieved the baby, called the Department of Child Safety, and waited for a family member to take custody.

Clare Margaret Meacham Arrested

Meacham initially had told authorities that the last thing she remembered was putting her baby in her crib. Her phone records indicated that she tried to contact no one before going out.

The child was unharmed, 13 Action News reported. There’s no telling how long it had been left alone.

“Police said they checked Meacham’s doorbell camera video and noted that she left home at 12:44 p.m., over 2 hours before police located the baby,” Arizona’s Family wrote.

How in the world does this happen and why is she smiling in her mugshot? The audacity of this mother astonishes me so much. She basically abandoned her child to go get a drink at a bar. Come one! What type of parent are you? At least take your child with you if you HAVE to go. But you don’t, this poor baby was probably so scared. I don’t understand parents who don’t want to be parents, it’s a sad world.

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