President Trump had some scratching their heads after he took an opportunity to air personal grievances against certain media outlets while hosting a Black History Month listening session.

Not only that, but Trump also made a comment about notable historical figure Frederick Douglass, which caused many to wonder whether or not Trump or White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer knew much about him.

An intense CNN panel consisting of Democratic strategist Symone Sanders, Trump supporter Paris Dennard and author Michael Eric Dyson, explored the sincerity of the president’s minority outreach later that day.

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After a video of Spicer attempting explain Trump’s words was played, the panel almost immediately battled it out over the implications.

Sanders and Dennard were the most vocal opponents. Sanders said that the comments stressed the need for things like Black History Month, while Dennard said that Trump and Spicer were referencing things like the National African-American History Museum.

Their argument only escalated when Sanders said that she would not accept an invitation to sit down with Trump. Dennard chastised her for not giving Trump a chance. In response, Sanders said: “I’m gonna take a page out of Kanye West’s book — Donald Trump doesn’t care about black people.”

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Sanders was referencing a popular moment in history when rapper Kanye West said that then-President George W. Bush did not care about black Americans while raising awareness about the destruction in New  Orleans that followed Hurricane Katrina:

“It’s unfortunate for you and the listeners to hear that about the President of the United States,” Dennard shot back, and the pair ocntinued to argue.

Moderator Don Lemon had to bring the panelists back to the conversation at hand.

As for West, his December meeting with Trump might indicate what he thinks of the current administration.

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