Jesse Watters, the controversial Fox News personality who is known for his “ambush” style interviews of newsmakers and complete strangers who don’t know he is making fun of them, tried to catch up with Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) this week.

Unlike some of the more benign subjects he has spoken to, Watters interaction with Lewis was a little more straightforward. He identified himself by name and employer at the top of their exchange, but Lewis explained that he didn’t have any time for questions.

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Earlier this month, Lewis called President Donald Trump an “illegitimate president” and refused to attend his presidential inauguration. This began a war of words between the two that Trump exacerbated on Twitter.

“You said that Trump is an illegitimate president. Do you regret that?” Watters asked Lewis during the segment that was released on Friday.

“That’s a pretty divisive thing to say, wouldn’t you agree?” he followed up when Rep. Lewis didn’t answer.

Soon after Watters’ second question, Lewis’ staff jumped in and tried to block Watters and his Fox News camera from capturing their boss.

The exchange was brief, and a little more straightforward than Watters’ normal tactics.

In 2009, John Cook at Gawker described Watters as a stalker for Bill O’Reilly’s enemies.

“Watters stalks and sneaks up on unsuspecting enemies of Bill O’Reilly and peppers them with questions so that his boss can air footage of them appearing to be flustered and confused,” Cook wrote.

Fast forward eight years, Watters is still around and still trying to catch people off guard.

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