This Florida man had problems with another man’s driving — what happened next turned deadly

A man in Beverly Hills, Fla., killed another man in front of his family Thursday night after a road rage incident escalated into violence, WTSP reports.

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According to Citrus County Sheriff deputies, Robert Doyle, 51, and Candeleria Gonzalez, 44, had an “aggressive interaction” on area roadway and Gonzalez followed to Doyle to his residence. Gonzalez parked his car and exited his vehicle. WTSP reports that Doyle, carrying a firearm, approached Gonzalez’s car and discharged five rounds. Doyle then pointed the gun at Gonzalez’s wife, child and grandson “and held them at gunpoint until police arrived,” WTSP reports.

Gonzalez’s wife said Doyle was the instigator in the road rage incident, and her husband drove to the house to get Doyle’s address so he could file a complaint with police. Doyle said Gonzalez “tried to force him off the road and was brake checking him,” according to WTSP. He also said Gonzalez “threatened to kick his ass” after arriving at his house, so he pulled out a gun.  He told police he shot when “Gonzalez continued to approach him,” WTSP reports.

A witness told deputies they saw Gonzalez backing away when Doyle pulled the gun, and they also said Doyle “forced (Gonzalez’s) family out of the vehicle,” according to WTSP.

When police listened to the 911 call made by Doyle and his wife, they heard Doyle say he was going to “shoot the victim in the head” and they also head Gonzalez’s wife saying “don’t shoot,” WTSP reports.

Doyle was arrested and faces charges of second degree murder and three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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