This is the one thing President Trump craves every single day Associated Press

President Donald Trump can’t make it through a single day without hearing people sing his praises.

In fact, he showed an incessant craving for praise throughout his first 10 months in office.

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The president even gave himself an A+ rating for his response to two devastating hurricanes, and he likes to take credit for the country’s soaring stock market.

Trump’s love of accolades became apparent in June 2017, when he sat in a televised Cabinet meeting and watched its members tell him what a great job he’s doing as president.

Then, during a November 2017 diplomatic tour of Asia, Trump negotiated the release of three UCLA basketball players facing 10 years in a Chinese prison for shoplifting. Afterward, he wondered aloud whether the players would thank him.

They did — but then, the father of one of them criticized Trump, which made the president ask (via Twitter, his favorite medium) whether he “should have left them in jail.” That statement resulted in backlash, which White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tried to smooth over.

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