The slurring heard around the world has been blamed by the White House on nothing more than a dry throat. Others found the rather bizarre moment during President Trump’s speech a bit more concerning.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said that to prove he’s physically fit, Trump will undergo a medical exam during “the first part of next year,” and the results will be made public by a U.S. Navy doctor.

Sanders blew off questions about Trump’s slurred speech during Thursday’s meeting with the press.

“There were a lot of questions on that. Frankly pretty ridiculous questions,” Sanders said. “The president’s throat was dry. Nothing more than that.”

Sanders said the president will have “the full physical that most presidents go through” at Walter Reed Medical Center.

Speculation ran wild following Trump’s speech in which his cadence became irregular, and he slurred multiple words toward the end of the speech. He concluded with the usual “God bless the United States,” only it came out as “God Bless the United Shtates.”

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Joe Scarborough, co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show, said Thursday that he believes the explanation is dementia. Noting he wanted to be very cautious with the charge, Scarborough said he has experience with people “who are struggling with certain issues because their personality changes” — particularly his mom.

The difference between Trump and his mom, Scarborough said, is Trump has his finger on the nuclear button. found another possible reason for Trump’s slurred speech: loose dentures. That notion came from a Virginia board-certified dentist who declined to be identified. He said the whistling sound Trump was making with certain words, as well as his shifting jaw were signs of a loose denture plate.

“Saliva can get trapped between an upper plate and the palate – or between the lower plate and the lower jaw – and that’s what makes the noise,” the dentist said.

In September 2016, Trump released a one-page letter from his personal physician, Harold Bornstein, that declared Trump to be “in excellent physical health.”

Bornstein’s shaggy appearance and history drew ridicule from some corners and didn’t convince that crowd that he is actually in tip-top physical condition.