5 lowlights of the Weiner campaign

Oh, Anthony Weiner. I don’t often agree with Lawrence O’Donnell, but he had a good question: “What’s wrong with you?” Let’s take a trip down the memory lane (or memory dark alleyway, as it were) of his campaign to take a look at his least-dignified moments. They’re in chronological order, but three of them happened just last night. Way to go out with a bang. Er, no pun intended.

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5. Carlos Danger

Danger. Carlos Danger. It sounds like a joke. I wish it were a joke. Alas, this is real life. Back in July, Anthony Weiner was caught sexting a young woman with the similarly unlikely nom de plume of “Sydney Leathers” and was forced to come clean about his behavior. Again.

I’m not sure he had any credibility left, but I’m pretty sure that this got rid of any that was lingering. Maybe he can score some royalties from the hot dogs.

4. Bizarre Behavior

Perhaps, after the Carlos Danger incident, Weiner realized that it was over and he decided he just didn’t care anymore.

He was rude to voters:

He got into a shouting match with a voter who asked him how, as a Jew, he could be married to an Arab. I’m not saying I would be able to keep my cool if somebody maligned my spouse, but I hope I wouldn’t yell  “What rabbi taught you that you’re my judge?” knowing that it would end up on YouTube.


In another instance, he told a heckler to “beat it.”

He Mocked the Media:

He mimicked the accent of a British television reporter and gave a fictional weather report for London. In case you’re wondering, it’s going to be “Raining, cloudy, and gray” in Weiner’s London. Actually, he might have a point there.

However, you would think he’d be a little more polite to the reporters who spend their days covering him. For example, when a reporter tells you that he covers his campaign, it’s not normal to respond with “Dude, you got to get a hobby.” He can hear you.

He was rude to his opponents:

Weiner was caught in a strange verbal assault against opponent George McDonald in August. It ended with Weiner telling his 69 year-old opponent “What are you going to do about it, grandpa?” That would have been bad enough but, add to it the fact that they were at an AARP forum, and it’s downright idiotic. How did he get as far as he did in politics without any sort of filter…at all?

Well, at least McDonald got the last laugh. Speaking of McDonald’s…


3. Sneaking Through a McDonalds

Sydney Leathers wanted some of the spotlight too so, last night, she crashed Anthony Weiner’s victory party. Weiner did the only thing a self-respecting man could do.  Just kidding, he snuck into his own party through the McDonald’s next door.  He then rushed through said McDonald’s being chased by the media and Ms. Leathers herself.


2. Concession Speech

Where to start? It was an absolute train-wreck. Perhaps one of the most awkward things was the tepid response and awkward shout-outs from the crowd. It almost sounded like people were joking when they shouted out “Weiner for mayor!” during the speech.


It’s also important to note that his wife, Huma Abedin, was conspicuously absent (even though he thanked his family “who is here today”). I hope the toaster is still loyal. That might be all he has left.


1. A Sad Goodbye

Elegant unto the end, Anthony Weiner couldn’t even leave his party Tuesday night like a normal person. Instead, he gave the crowd the finger as he drove away.

Part of me thinks he was just giving us the finger all along.

What do you think?

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