That guy who had sex with a mini horse and admitted it all will face zero jail time

Ephrata Police Department

A man from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, who was arrested last August for horsing around with a mini horse and admitted in detail what he had done will face no time behind bars.

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Travis Wagner, 22, was witnessed by the owner last summer exiting a barn where he would admit to having sex with a mini horse. The property owner saw Wagner park his car, go into the barn for a short time and then leave the scene. He called the police to report the suspicious behavior.

Wagner was open about what he’d done during an interview with police. He admitted to his crime and was charged with burglary, a felony, and sexual intercourse with an animal, for which he faced a maximum of 12 years in prison.

But Wagner, The Smoking Gun reports, won’t be spending a day behind bars. As part of plea deal, Wagner’s felony burglary charge turned into misdemeanor trespassing. The animal sex charge was also a misdemeanor.

Quite graphically, court documents say, Wagner confessed to “inserting his penis into the miniature horse for approximately ten minutes and subsequently ejaculating into the horse’s rectum.”

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He also said this happened at least three times.

For his crimes, Wagner will not be jailed. Instead, he’s gotten two years of probation and must pay $2,200 in fines, pay the costs of litigation and may not “contact […] the victim and or victim’s family.”

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