This couple was just married, but here’s why the honeymoon was over as soon as it began

The ISIS saga continues.

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Not a single person that knew Jaelyn Delshaun Young, 20, and Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla, 22 — parents, teachers or peers — saw radicalism in their futures and they definitely didn’t anticipate that their honeymoon was really a honeymoon with the Islamic State.

The two were arrested Saturday after expressing interest in joining ISIS to federal agents posing as recruiters in recent months. They were holding plane tickets to Istanbul.

The Independent writes that Young told a a federal agent that “Our story will be that we are newlyweds on our honeymoon.”

Dakhlalla, whose father is an imam in Mississippi, allegedly said “I am willing to fight” to a federal agent.

One man who knew him spoke to WPTV and said he was”always very polite, insightful, thoughtful. Not radical in anyway.”

Jaelyn Young studied math and chemistry in college and her father is a police officer. She allegedly praised the Chattanooga attack that left four Marines and a sailor dead. It is believed that she and her husband wanted to be medics for ISIS and help with social media.

Dakhlalla studied psychology.

The investigation into Young and Dakhlalla began in 2015 and the FBI said in a statement that “Both defendants subsequently expressed their readiness to travel overseas to join ISIS.”

The would-be ISIS members were arrested them at a Mississippi airport could face up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000 for conspiring to materially support a terrorist group.

Both of them have confessed to their plans after their arrest.

Gawker may have put the situation best: “perhaps [they] took the adage ’til death do us part’ a bit too literally.”

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