This drunken woman stopped in the middle of a highway to pee and play in traffic — she’s lucky she’s not dead

A woman’s car stalled out on I-15 in San Diego and it became clear to a KGTV photojournalist on the scene very quickly that she was dangerously intoxicated.

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At the beginning of the video, the woman appears to be peeing on the highway — her drunken state, the puddle under her car and the fact that she’s pulling up her pants when she gets out of the vehicle are solid reasons to speculate as much.

Screenshot via YouTube
Screenshot via YouTube


When she gets out of the car, there is a definite deer-in-the-headlights look going on and then she casually crosses lanes in high heels. Eventually, she goes back to her car and sits inside, fiddling with her cell phone.

It is at this point that some concerned citizens try to help warn other cars of the hazard ahead, albeit dangerously, and almost cause an accident.

The woman’s identity was not released, but police did arrive on the scene soon and arrested her on suspicion of drunk driving.

(H/T The Blaze)

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