Two Argentinian police officers were caught ignoring a call about a robbery, and the reason why will shock you

Three new cars and new drugs analyser start operating in Pomeranian Police in Gdansk, Poland on 13 December 2016. An light Police car is seen. Cars and laboratory machine was bought by the Pomeranian Marshal Mieczyslaw Struk and officialy forwarded to Polica at the Biskupia Gorka police headquarter in Gdansk. (Photo by Michal Fludra/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

According to Mirror, two Argentinian police officers were caught on video having sex in their patrol car while ignoring a radio call about a robbery. The footage was obtained via cell phone video that caught the female police officer’s badge. As a result, the pair is now facing disciplinary action.

“The Ministry of Security of Santa Fe informs, with regards to the video in which two police officers appear having sex in a patrol car, that the Violence and Institutional Office of the local State Prosecutor’s Officer led by Karina Bartocci, has been informed,” a police spokesman said in a statement. “Also, a disciplinary probe which will involve the suspension of both officers has been initiated. We condemn this extremely offensive incident for the people of this province, given that we’re dealing with public servants on duty who should be protecting the lives and security of our people.”

This comes after two female police officers in the same city were caught on video joking and laughing while celebrating the seizure of a cannabis plant. Furthermore, in December another Argentinian police officer was filmed snorting what seemed to be cocaine inside his patrol car on duty.

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