What the story of Belle Knox says about feminism and rape culture

The past few weeks have been frantic for today’s so-called feminists. Between the nation’s leading organization dedicated to fighting rape and sexual abuse disavowing the idea of “rape culture”, and Duke University student Belle Knox’s blossoming porn career, their heads must have been spinning.

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The consensus seems to be that RAINN doesn’t know what they’re talking about, and that porn is empowering. Rape culture bad, pornography good. Anyone who thinks those two things might be the slightest bit contradictory are just slaves to the patriarchy and want to control all womyn, or something.

By now, you’ve surely heard of Belle Knox, the college freshman who began her career in porn as a way to pay for her insanely expensive tuition at Duke. She’s currently a women’s studies major, and hopes to become a lawyer.

According to her, she loves sex and loves doing porn. She finds it empowering. It makes her happy. And the “feminists” were happy to go along with her claims. She’s controlling her own body! She’s doing what she wants! She’s doing something that isn’t in any way degrading!

And all of that might have been believable if it hadn’t been for Shelley Lubben.

Lubben is the founder of the Pink Cross Foundation, dedicated to helping people working in the adult industry get out. She also shines a light on what the sex industry is really like, because empowering and feminist it isn’t.

Lubben found a video of Knox starring in a porn for a company called “Facial Abuse”. In it, Knox can be seen getting choked and slapped. She looks shocked as the male star grabs her throat and begins to choke her. She cowers on the floor, cries, says stop and no, and repeatedly tries to shield her face from the repeated blows being rained down on her. Towards the end of the video, she’s assaulted so violently that her eyes roll in the back of her head. She often looks terrified. The video is intercut with footage of interviews with Knox, talking about how she finds porn to be empowering and feminist. (You can see the video here. Nudity is blurred out, but be warned: the violence is extremely graphic and difficult to watch.)

What’s interesting is the silence coming from the “feminists” out there. They’ve been so quick to rush to Knox’s defense, and to proclaim that this kind of work really can be empowering, not degrading. It would be interesting to know how many of them have seen this video of her, and how many of them would then defend it.

Already, the footage has it’s defenders, who claim that Knox surely consented to the filming, so it was fine for her to be terrorized so violently. It’s acceptable for a woman to get slapped and hit and choked while she cries and says no, and cowers on the floor in fear. She surely signed some kind of paperwork saying it was all right, so who cares if she cries out no? Asks him to stop?

The feminazis constantly rail against the so-called rape culture in America, but they look the other way at examples like this. They defend pornography as healthy and, yes, empowering. That’s the word that constantly gets used. Porn is empowering; being a porn star is empowering. Knox didn’t want to be a waitress, so she became a porn star, which is empowering.

Knox is a secret cutter who used to think she was fat, and now she’s empowered herself through porn. Maybe if they repeat it enough times, people will start to believe it. Just ignore the inherent violence and misogyny that women like Knox have to go through. Somehow, in our “rape culture”, this doesn’t count.

Videos showing a porn star being abused and violated apparently don’t add to our rape culture. Instead, the “feminists” castigate anyone who dares to be outraged over this, or point out that a college freshman with a history of cutting being abused in pornographic films is not empowering.

They deny the things that people like Shelley Lubben expose, the rampant violence, misogyny, drug abuse, and disease that infects that adult film industry. Yet they call themselves feminists. They decry rape culture.

Apparently, rape culture only exists in the minds of the femisogynists as a way to further attack and denigrate men. Because if they honestly believed in it, they would be outraged over the idea that a woman could feel she had no other choice but to allow herself to be raped and abused on camera.

If a woman being assaulted for the pleasure of men isn’t rape culture, then what is?

What do you think?

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