Mitt Romney has an adopted grandchild — left erupts with venom

Last week, I wrote about a strange phenomenon we experienced firsthand after adopting our daughter from Ethiopia: Liberals think adoption is great, unless white, Christian, Republicans are the ones doing it. It was odd and sad to have strangers questioning and criticizing our family composition. The same crowd who emphasizes that there are all kinds of families — gay, lesbian, straight, divorced — suddenly got the vapors when they saw my black child on my hip at a GOP convention.

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Apparently, according to the comments on my blog, many people believe conservatives have no business adopting a black child.  The New York Times has occasionally jumped in the fray, questioning whether black kids might be better off without parents at all if their only option is of the white variety.

In the article, I quoted my husband, who wrote:

To many on the left, if you are conservative then there is nothing you can do that is virtuous. Even the good that you do will be dismissed as cynical or destructive … Given that much of this [adoption] criticism comes from unapologetic advocates for abortion-on-demand, I’m reminded of the words of Isaiah: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

I got many comments from liberals accusing me of exaggeration, claiming I’d created a straw-man argument, and that my “persecution complex was showing.”  Then, as if on cue, Ann Romney tweeted out a photo of their newest grandchild, adopted by their son Ben and his wife Andelyne:


The response from the liberal Twitterverse was swift, predictable and damning. Here is a selection of the responses:

• “They only adopted a black baby so Mitt Romney wouldn’t seem racist but we already know…”

• “Mitt Romney out here kidnapping black children. I see what’s going on.”

• “Please give that baby back MITT ROM.”

• “Mitt Romney just bought a black grandchild, straight cash dawg.”

• “pls, @MittRomney & co could be indoctrinating that new blk grandson w/ ALL sorts of white conservative rich v. poor “bootstrap values” bs”

• “I hope Mitt Romney doesn’t pass on his views about the coloreds onto his new grandson.”

• “@AnnDRomney @MittRomney yall about to teach that child self hate…. That should be illegal”

• “Why do you adopt black babies?????”

• “Mitt Romney adopted a grandchild? So he bought a black baby and went to his daughters house like Here. It needs to be walked and fed daily”

• “So Mitt Romney adopted (purchased) a black grandchild”

• “Stay strong kid, child services is on it’s way.”

• “Please give that baby back @MittRomney”

Isn’t it ironic? Aren’t conservatives allegedly the haters in our great cultural conflicts?

Sadly, identity politics have become so thoroughly ingrained in many leftists that they truly no longer see a child as a separate human being but representative of a larger group — a group whose interests they serve, not us.

So, they shame and mock conservatives — consequences be dammed. Sure, children will suffer but that’s not their concern. They have larger political issues to consider.

Frank Somerville, a news anchor at KTVU in the San Francisco Bay Area was aghast at the reaction to the announcement of the Romney adoption. As an adoptive father himself, he wrote this on his Facebook page:

“…The bottom line for me is that this child now has a home. And no one is going to convince me that is wrong. Because when I look at this picture, all I see is a mother who loves her kids.”

Nancy French is a two-time New York Times best-selling author. Follow her on Twitter @NancyAFrench

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