President Trump hits Obama and “Crooked H” in morning tweet: “Bigger than Watergate!”

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On Monday morning, President Trump took to Twitter to blast off a message that criticized both his predecessor, Barack Obama, and his former opponent, Hillary Clinton.

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In the tweet, Trump lambasted Obama as weak on Russia and blamed him for not doing anything about Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election. He also accused Obama’s administration of spying on the Trump campaign.

Trump has continuously accused Obama of spying on his presidential campaign. The FBI was monitoring Trump associate Carter Page for a short time as a possible link between the Trump campaign and Russia. Trump allies have attempted to paint the FBI’s behavior as an illegal invasion of privacy.

The president also said that the FBI investigation into his campaign is “bigger than Watergate.” That has been a common sentiment on Trump’s Twitter feed and on Fox News.

Unlike many of the Trump tweets, this morning’s remarks don’t have a clear tie to “Fox & Friends.” Often, Trump watches the show in the morning and tweets about the segments or echoes the sentiments of the show’s hosts. But this morning, there was only one mention of Russia during the show.

FBI Director James Comey said just after the inauguration that the bureau was investigating possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

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