From mocking First Lady Melania Trump for appearing “stiff” or “frozen,” to calling her an “Ice Queen,” there are few things that demonstrate the way the media hates Donald Trump better than how they treat his wife and her seemingly innocuous Christmas decorations.

“The Theme for the White House Christmas Decorations Is Fear!” blared the headline from Elle Magazine:

We’re trying something exciting and new with our decorations this year: terror! Just kidding! It’s up-lighting. And terror! … What a beautiful team effort! Decorating is a snap when you get the Orcs involved! … This year, guests of the White House can have the perfect holiday experience of racing, screaming, through the halls of power before paying to leave. Nothing says Christmas like echoing cries of terror!

“Step Inside Melania’s Nightmare Before Christmas!” The Daily Beast headline read, calling the White House East Colonnade “the creepiest home space in America” and wondering whether Tim Burton had helped her decorate. The New Yorker magazine’s headline blasted, “With the White House Christmas, the Image of Melania Trump Transforms from Fairy-Tale Prisoner to Wicked Queen.” 

“Melania Trump Wishes You All An Apocalyptic Christmas,” Quartz headlined, calling it “a dystopian Christmas aesthetic” and writing that some thought “her White House decorations, which include a dark hallway lined with spotlit branches, looked an awful lot like the ‘stick labyrinth’ at the end of True Detective. Others wondered whether the first lady’s inspiration board included the White Witch from Narnia and the Upside Down from Stranger Things.”

Elle declared that the decorations had been inspired by: “The Crate & Barrel in the North Westeros mall”:

Back to the Future II set in Halloweentown. Helena Bonham Carter’s birthday party. The GIF where Snow White runs through the forest and the trees attack her. Artisanal poltergeist. The end of The Shining, but patriotic.

And their list goes on.

Vanity Fair wrote that “this holiday season, Melania Trump stars in what is either the official unveiling of White House decorations or a seasonal advertisement for J.Crew,” which might sound like a compliment, considering that this is a fashion magazine, but then it proceeds to mock the first lady:

It looks nice! Seemed like a lot of work! Is it safe to assume we have some clarity as to what she’s been up to when not traversing the Great Wall of China or making an appearance at the turkey pardoning ceremony? Maybe!

“Winter is coming!” said Quartzy in a snarky reference to the HBO series “Game of Thrones.” But when the Obama White House tweeted out a picture of then-President Obama sitting on the Iron Throne, the seat occupied by some pretty horrific villains in the show, did the media roast him?

No — not only did the media refrain from mocking Obama on social media fails, magazines couldn’t get enough of his wife. They fawned over Michelle Obama’s armsclothesstyle, fashion trend-setting, and opined on, yes, why all these seemingly trivial topics really matter. Michelle appeared on so many magazine covers, from Time, to Vogue, to Shape, that she became “the face” of so many issues because, in the eyes of the media at least, she was “at her most fashionable, fun, sexy and fabulous.”

Not every first lady can be fashionable and exciting, of course. But there does seem to be more than a whiff of bias when an actual model is somehow not good enough for these admittedly highly subjective standards.

Because even when Melania does nothing — when she’s literally just standing — she’s still not measuring up. Before the ballet dancers in the White House, Melania’s standing “motionless” was depicted as somehow sinister.

Melania eyed the ballet dancers suspiciously,” according to The Daily Beast, while Vanity Fair imagines what she’s thinking: “‘Adequately done… I only counted four mistakes.'”

Sometimes, it’s the little things that reveal who people really are; and it’s in fashion, beauty, and design where the media reveals their deepest bias. Never was the smug style of liberal media elites on greater display than in the snarky coverage given to First Lady Melania Trump.

For just wanting to celebrate Christmas.

The media went completely overboard bashing Melania Trump’s Christmas decor AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
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