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There’s a been a lot of noise being raised lately by minimum wage workers about raising the minimum wage from $7.50 to $15.00. As a minimum wage worker myself, I know the struggle, and making $15 an hour would solve a lot of my problems — temporarily at least.

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There’s no magical wage tree where businesses can wander the groves, casually picking wage fruits for their employees. Logic dictates that you can’t add to something without taking from something else. Increasing the wage would force businesses to either hike prices or drop employees. You’d be lucky if you weren’t one of them.

Thing is, in this age of technology, people aren’t just competing with people anymore. Now machines are making a strong case themselves. You already see them at grocery stores. Instead of clerks, you see those DIY checkout machines. I prefer them myself because it’s quick and easy.

Also, I’m an introvert. Suppose those machines started to creep further on down the line though. Suppose machines like that started popping up elsewhere. Like McDonalds for instance. I got sour news, Jack. They already are.

These touch screens allow a customer to order whatever they like without the need of a register attendant. The customer doesn’t have to feel rushed, and can take their time ordering as much cholesterol as they want.

According to various news sources, they ordered 7,000 already, and that was back in 2011. So you can bet that the company, which started testing out these machines back in 2004, have a much bigger plan for them. It goes further than touch screen kiosks, because even their jobs aren’t safe.

Last year this hologram piece was unveiled, and was set to be put into LaGuardia.

She makes a strong case. She never takes sick leave, or needs a break. She can wear any uniform you need her to, and her data knowledge will go very deep on the business she works for. Also, she won’t protest in the streets when she thinks she’s not getting paid enough.

As technology progresses, these helpful holograms will be the ultimate form cheap labor. Right now, these are nothing but fancy recordings of women talking about the airport you’re in, but that’s not where they plan to stop. Soon they’ll be as interactive as Siri as shown here. 

Machines don’t need healthcare, they don’t need to schedule time off, and they’re guaranteed to do their job, which is something I’ve witnessed many on minimum wage tend not to do.

So those of you protesting for a much higher minimum wage need to remember that you aren’t just going to hurt yourselves by jacking up prices or risk being laid off if you get your way, you could lose your job entirely to something that doesn’t even have a pulse.

Even something without a pulse is a better choice than someone who refuses to do their job.

What do you think?

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