Worst people ever sell baby to buy iPhone

A couple in China are facing jail time for selling their baby in order to purchase high end retail items, such an as an iPhone.

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From The Telegraph:

One credit card bill shows that immediately after “trading” the baby girl, the couple spent large amounts of cash on the internet, it was reported. Among their purchases was an iPhone and a pair of “high-end” trainers.

Prosecutors also allege that the couple attempted to disguise Ms Zhang’s pregnancy in order to hide their crime. In order to explain her bump, neighbours were told she was suffering from a tumour.

Last year seven people were jailed in China’s Hunan province for involvement in the purchase of a kidney from a 17-year-old boy who used the money to buy and iPhone and an iPad.

The teenager “confessed to his mother when suffering from renal failure after the surgery”, the state news agency Xinhua reported.

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