Shannen Doherty is gearing up for what will, hopefully, be her last cancer-related surgery, and she’s taking care of her body beforehand by exercising in dance class.

“Pushing myself harder right now to be in best physical shape for my upcoming (and hopefully last) surgery,” she wrote alongside a video of her and her coach nailing a dance routine. “The body heals faster the better shape it’s in. Started with tennis this morning, then strength training and then we ended with some fun cardio.”

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In the video, Doherty dances to “Meet Me Halfway” by The Black Eyed Peas, and she looks happy and healthy doing so.

“I know not everyone has the time to dedicate to this much exercise but just moving and being mindful of your inner workings is important,” she added. “And diet! Watching what I put into my body as well.”

Doherty is in remission following a long battle with breast cancer, during which she underwent both radiation therapy and chemotherapy. She has been an inspiration to fans by sharing updates on her progress and by always staying positive.

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“Cancer slayer” Shannen Doherty looks happy and healthy in dance class before her final surgery Instagram/Shannen Doherty
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