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Some pretty strange things have been known to pop up on eBay. We’ve seen ghosts in a mason jar, virginities and unicorn meat, but all of that pales in comparison to this creepy statue that popped up on the auction site in the past few days. We’re not sure exactly what this thing is. It appears to be a naked troll? One thing is for sure — this creature is haunted.


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This face that only a mother can love can be yours for only $1,700!


The person who is selling the creature, eBay userĀ richmondgal2006, wrote,

I have been a treasure hunter all my life, and have found and sold everything from prosethetic limbs, false teeth, a dalton veracrux board, to human hair ponytails, but this is by far the weirdest find i have ever made;

It stands 33″ tall, weighs 33.6 lbs, is made of kiln fired clay, hand painted, handmade, and hand haired. Lol. It’s difficult to write this ad without a baffling chuckle.
I am unable to distinguish if this is meant to be a male or female as it has breasts but such a masculine mug, gnome or dwarf, or some sort of troll baby with fat little baby legs and bottom. The eyes are superb and somewhat life like. It is appallingly charming, and yet the other night, when the curtain I keep it covered with fell off, I was startled by the sight.

He also noted that he is happy to consider offers, but since the creature came online on Saturday, nobody has bid on it.

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