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While on Tuesday’s edition of “The Tonight Show” to plug the second season of his Netflix series “Master of None,” actor-comedian Aziz Ansari participated in some dramatic readings of legitimate, real-life negative Yelp reviews — with hilarious results.

Host Jimmy Fallon pretended to be angry customers letting off steam while Ansari — a self-confessed foodie —  played the outraged restaurant owners who were defending their establishments’ reputations — as well as a foul-mouthed dentist dishing out tooth-related insults.

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The whole segment is worth watching just to see Ansari’s hilarious interpretation of “the Radiator Wizard.”

It was the second dramatic Yelp review reading session of 2017 for Fallon and Ansari — the pair also participated in the segment back in January:

The second season of “Master of None” arrives on Netflix on Friday, May 12.

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