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The Friday mass shooting at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport has claimed at least five lives with several more in the hospital. As a Southern state, Florida has rather relaxed gun control laws, but it was still illegal for the shooter to have his gun in the airport. According to reports, he had a military identification, and a senior correspondent at Fox News is reporting that the shooter has a concealed carry permit and that he was born in New Jersey.

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The shooting comes a few days before the Florida State Senate was set to hear a bill that would allow guns in airports. The Tallahassee Democrat reported that “SB 140 repeals laws forbidding guns on college campuses, in airports terminals, and at government meetings.” The bill was opposed by Florida State University who lobbied against it.

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If the bill had passed (which would have been unlikely), there is a chance that “a good guy with a gun” could have stopped the shooter. The Washington Post reported on a number of incidents in which armed citizens thwarted the intentions of mass shooters. President-elect Trump has tweeted that he recently spoke to Governor Scott of Florida.

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