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A data breach at Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has exposed the identities of over 16,000 concealed-carry owners in Florida, as well as the Social Security numbers of 469 additional victims.

The state says those affected represent less than 1 percent of the concealed carry permit owners in the state. Any transactions that took place in a tax collector’s office were not affected. (In Florida, concealed carry permit owners may also renew there.)

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According to the Tampa Bay Times, the agency released a statement warning that anyone who renewed their concealed carry license online could have been exposed. They say that any other consumer information taken in the breach was already in the public record and poses less of a threat.

The hackers succeeded by attacking the state’s online payment system, but the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services says they were unable to acquire any financial information.

Concerned that your information was exposed? Call 1-800-530-1119 to access the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

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