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President Barack Obama told “60 Minutes” of his eight-year presidency that “we’re part of the first administration in modern history that hasn’t had a major scandal in the White House. In that sense, we changed some things.”

That answer came in response to Steve Kroft opening the interview by telling the president, “you didn’t change Washington.”

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CBS released a preview clip of the interview Thursday. In it, Obama reflects on a missed opportunity to fill the Supreme Court and laments that he didn’t even get a hearing because the Republicans wouldn’t allow it.

He also expresses a measure of regret that he didn’t take his fights directly to the people when the “other side” refused to work on issues that they even once thought was a good idea.

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Obama said:

“And this is on me. Part of the job is shaping public opinion, and we were very effective and I was very effective in shaping public opinion around my campaigns. But there were big stretches, while governing, where even though we were doing the right thing, we weren’t able to mobilize public opinion firmly enough behind us to weaken the resolve of the Republicans to stop opposing us or to cooperate with us. And there were times during my presidency where I lost the PR battle.”

The full interview will air Sunday night.