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Vice President-elect Mike Pence attended a viewing of hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” in November, just after winning the election with President-elect Donald Trump. There Pence was singled out by cast member Brandon Dixon, who plays the nation’s third vice president Aaron Burr, who expressed his concerns about Trump’s administration.

Pence said that he was not offended by the statement and in fact informed his children “that’s what freedom sounds like.”

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Former Democratic presidential nominee and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, husband and former President Bill and daughter Chelsea attended “The Color Purple” on Broadway this past Sunday and received a very different reaction.

The New York Times reported that the Clintons received ovations when they entered the play hall, as well as when they were singled out by the cast towards the end.

“We love you Hillary,” shouted several in the crowd as they eagerly took pictures and video of the former First Family.

Clinton has made few appearances since the conclusion of the election. She was spotted Thanksgiving shopping and attending a midnight Christmas service. “Saturday Night Live” even went on a Bigfoot-style parody hunt to search for her.

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