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Kim Kardashian West may be reunited with her $4 million diamond ring that was given to her by Kanye West after all.

In October 2016, the ring was stolen from her Paris hotel room when masked intruders broke in while she was sleeping, held her at gunpoint and took off with more than $10 million worth of jewelry, two cell phones, cash and her purse.


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In the months since the robbery, the investigation has been closing in on potential suspects and it has lead to 17 arrests. One of the suspects is reportedly Kardashian West’s limo driver who was last seen with her before the incident.

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According to US Weekly, two unidentified brothers have been accused of “disposing” the jewelry and could be the key it’s safe return.

“They are involved in the diamond trade, and are thought to have handled the stolen jewelry,” an insider explained. “Their homes have been searched from top to bottom, and so has a jewelry shop in Paris which is also linked to them. The jewelry has not yet been found, but these brothers could lead us to it over the coming days.”

The brothers reportedly travel frequently to Antwerp, the diamond capital in Belgium.

“It’s a town where jewelry can be sold on with no questions asked,” the insider added. “The men know the industry inside out, and may well know exactly where the ring went.”

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