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Actor Tom Lenk, known for roles in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “The Cabin in the Woods,” has found a new claim to fame with his hilariously creative Instagram account. “Lenk Lewks 4 Less” has garnered over 267,000 followers since its inception, and recently has gotten the eye of some celebrities he’s parodied, including Kristen Bell.

Lenk’s outfits are recreations of celebrity red carpet looks, albeit made cheaper. The Bell dress is made of random items, including a roll of postal paper, raffia and seasonal bouquets.

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Lenk has even made outfits based on recent events, including Katy Perry’s Met Gala look and CΓ©line Dion’s Billboard Music Awards performance look.

Check out some of his other creative looks, many of which are taken in some hysterical locations.

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