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Kane Brown marches to the beat of his own drum. Because while most country artists would follow a very strict schedule of how to begin to reveal songs from an upcoming album, Kane always puts his fans first and always listens to what they want.

And what they wanted was their first listen to his new album coming out on Dec. 2.

So he gave it to them.

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“Sneak peek of the only song I can do off the album, but I’m super pumped for it,” he wrote in a Facebook post above a video of him singing the song “Better Place,” which he shared a version of back in May of 2016. “Releases December 2nd if you like please please hit that share button for me. Love y’all. #excited”.

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In an exclusive interview with Rare Country, Kane talked about the new album and the songs he’s had to fight for to get on that album. “They weren’t going to put one of my favorite songs I wrote, ‘Granddaddy’s Chair’ on the album, but I was like, ‘No I want it on there,’” Kane said. “I’m just super excited about the album. I feel like we are going to surprise a lot of people.”

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