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Do people really care about Justin Bieber? Maybe.

Most individuals in recent weeks seem to gravitate toward a certain brand of masochistic people-watching when it comes to the antics of the Canadian singer. Normally I would tend to shy away from ruminating on the dalliances of the Biebers and Amanda Byneses of the world. However, these events are too impossibly comical to ignore.

As Bieber transitioned his reputation from wide-eyed, oddly coiffed little boy, to weedsmoking, bucket-urinating punk, the country salivated for his demise. Maybe it was the arrogance, or the fame; perhaps it was the same feeling any adult would get when they see a youth run amok. Whatever it was, when Bieber screws up, people listen, hoping that the media sharpens its pitchforks to complete his ultimate pop-culture demise.

For the last few weeks, Bieber the great, has been on tour in South America, where he has gotten himself into more than a little reputation-damning trouble. While on tour, he has behaved as many people do when visiting foreign countries — like a complete and total jackass.

But what takes the cake for the worst moment for the often shirtless young man? Where to start?

Let us begin with the racist monkey — this racist monkey.gawker

Gawker’s Max Read put it perfectly when wondering aloud what the image resembled.

“That monkey figure sure looks familiar! It looks just like, what’s it called, centuries of racist caricatures of blacks.” Read wrote.

Or maybe the low point came when Bieber was photographed leaving an infamous brothel in Rio de Janeiro — this brothel.

AKMGSI_1 2.jpg

The New York Post published a series of compromising photos, purporting to be Bieber exiting the brothel. Though the Bieber camp denied these allegations, eagle-eyed editors focused on the wrist tattoos of the man in the above photo. Since Justin Bieber loves getting stupid tattoos and posting them to Instagram, it was easily confirmed to be the diminutive pop star. Side note, if you do follow Bieber on Instagram, expect to see photos chronicling his eternal case of the munchies.

Despite the absurdity behind a visit to a whorehouse and racist graffiti, my favorite Bieber moment was revealed Thursday. Perhaps confirming multiple reports of his newfound love of prostitutes, a video was posted online of a sleeping Bieber. The poster of the video is a rumored transsexual prostitute from Brazil. In the video, one can observe a sleeping Bieber getting a goodbye air kiss from the young woman. He is even shown sleeping with his hat!

daily news

So, there you have it — the week of Justin Bieber. Who knows if any of these felonious and mildly scandalous acts will do anything to ruin his reputation. Regardless, it sure is fun to watch.

Oh yeah, he was also hit in the head with a water bottle.