8-month pregnant woman attacked on bus made touching request to couple that helped her Google Maps

After Monday morning’s violent attack on a bus, the pregnant victim has asked the woman that helped her to be the godparent to her future son.

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Completely unprovoked, Steven Bailey began violently beating Brenda Torres, who is eight months pregnant. Other passengers appeared horrified but no one bothered to step in until the driver, who was outside the bus on the phone with authorities when the attack started, rushed back in to her rescue.

Torres was taken to Holy Cross Hospital. She sustained minor injuries from the attack and doctors were able to see a heartbeat from an ultrasound and feel kicks from her unborn child. Christina Robles-Favela was a witness to the attack and stayed with Torres while she was at the hospital.

Robles-Favela’s husband eventually joined and the three were talking about Torres’s needs for her future and child. According to DNA Info, the couple offered to put together a baby shower for Torres.

Now, Torres has asked the couple to be godparents to her son, which they immediately agreed to. They also offered a place for Torres and her son to stay in their new home, and she is considering the offer.

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Bailey was eventually arrested and charged with three aggravated battery felonies. There is a Go Fund Me page set up to help with medical expenses for Torres that you can donate to here.

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