A Chicago Cubs fan rode his bike to Wrigley Field – all the way from Texas

A Chicago Cubs fan rode their bike to Wrigley for a game, all the way from Longview, Texas.

Kanten, or The Epileptic Cyclist as he goes by online, documented his 2-week journey on his blog.

“I have epilepsy so I’ve never been able to drive, so tomorrow I’ll be setting off from East Texas to Chicago, Illinois,” he shared on Reddit.

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Kanten deemed Chicago the perfect destination because of his love for the Cubs. The ride was 930 miles long and went across four states.

He photographed many stops along the way. Notably, he showed his Chicago pride by posing in his Cubs gear under the St. Louis arch. In “enemy territory” he captioned it.

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In the fall, Kanten will begin training and racing at the Williams Racing Academy.

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