American flight that was on its way to Chicago had to land early due to some unwanted creepy crawly passengers AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh
AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh

An American Airlines flight from Sacramento to Chicago was grounded over the weekend when passengers found a tiny, unwanted creature crawling aboard the plane.

American Airlines spokesperson Leslie Scott confirmed that the unwelcomed guest in question, was in fact, a scorpion, according to Following the discovery of the tiny passenger, Flight 2672 was cancelled and the  125 passengers were promptly rebooked for another flight.

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Passengers were notified at the gate of the aircraft that their flight would be rescheduled, according to Fox News. The plane had been in Phoenix the night before, which is where the little guy is suspected to have crawled aboard the Boeing 737 unnoticed until the next day.

“The flight was canceled because we want passengers and crews to feel comfortable,” Scott said, according to Fox.

After being detected, the plane was sent to a maintenance facility in Dallas, Texas, to be fumigated. The incident may seem silly at first, but considering this is not the first case airlines are growing more cautious with the unwanted guests.

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The type of scorpion found on the plane has not been identified, though only  25 of the 1,500 known species can deliver stings that are fatal to humans, according to Fox.

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